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Jul 2022

Your Plans at Your Price

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Jumping into the ID to finish your weekly to-dos is a no-brainer because it's easy and affordable. And, there’re moments when you need more time. Because the kids have an important football game on the other side of town. Because the to-do list has become endlessly long, again. Because a trip to the lake isn’t a hustle and bustle. And let’s be honest: even the cheapest minute price is expensive. That’s why we’ve introduced hourly and daily packages. Simply choose one that matches your plans when you reserve. This way you’ll save on trips, but still remain flexible, simply update to another package at any time. 

Choose Your Package 

Before you reserve, select your package in the app. Choose the minute price or a package, so you don’t have to watch the minutes. An hour package (2/4/8 hours) and a day package (1-10 days) are better for longer drives. You can work out which is best for you, but a package makes the most sense if you’re taking a trip that’s around 2 hours. This could include errands in the city or going to and from sports. Our 2-hour package with 25 km costs €22, including the €1 unlock fee. 

What if it takes longer? No worries, all it takes is a quick upgrade in the app. You can change your package any time during your rental. Here’s an example:

After 1.5 hours into a 2-hour package, you realise you need more time. The following is a 4-hour package, so you simply switch in the app. We’ll integrate it into your current package, so from now, you’ll have 2.5 hours left. Time flies when days are long and full of to-dos, so don’t be afraid to cool down at a lake after. Feel pure freedom and switch to another package, any time.  

Day Trip Plus: More Flexibility

Find both hour and day packages in the WeShare app. They work the same way - you can update any time if your plans change. We’ve added some flexibility so that a package always suits your needs. Not to boast, but we’re a bit proud of this feature. No other car sharing provider offers it. Here’s another example: 

You’re planning an overnight trip with friends and decide to start after coffee. It seems like booking a 1-day package from only €54 and 100 km. However, the following day you realise that a calm and relaxing brunch, without any time pressure, would be ideal. Here’s where our “top up” feature truly shines. Find an hour package that fits your schedule and get cheaper rates than upgrading to a 2-day package. 

If you want to use a package, it’s essential to make sure it’s activated before you make a reservation. Unfortunately, you can't change this after starting the minute price. Instead, you’ll have to end your rental within the service area and unlock it with a package. 

Everything you need to know about WeShare’s hour and daily packages are on our website and FAQ

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