WeShare Team


Aug 2022

WeShare in the hvv Switch App

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It’s no secret - we believe that combined mobility options are the best way to get around the city. From riding a bike to taking the train, hopping on the bus to sit in a car - how you get there often depends on where you’re going. Making clever combinations can save tons of time - and traffic stress. That’s why we’re super happy about finally being available in the hvv switch app. 

Starting immediately, you’ll find WeShare alongside other means of transport in the app. As the only 100% electric car sharing provider you can easily find an ID and reserve it in the hvv switch App. It’s very practical to use: keep track of everything in your hvv account - from your receipts, to tickets and bookings. 

We’ve made parking more practical too. Choose one of the 90 reserved parking zones located near public transports stations for an easy and smooth changeover. Feel freer and charge up your ID - 8 of the hvv parking zones even have free charging stations.




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