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April 4, 2022

The rush can wait until tomorrow

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Sometimes you just need to get away for longer – because you're really enjoying the sunshine, grandma is turning 80 or because your awesome date fancies a spontaneous trip to the Baltic Sea. Good news: All of this is possible with WeShare. You can now keep your ID for up to 10 days, allowing you to stay just as flexible as if you were on a city drive – no reservation necessary. Simply search for a car as usual using the app, and return to the operating area after a maximum of 10 days. How much time you spend on the go in the meantime is entirely up to you.

The cost of your trip is calculated using our daily rate which includes a certain number of kilometres. Throughout the booking process, you have full transparency and total flexibility. Want to take a short, 5 day trip to the coast? Book the ID.3 and you'd pay just €316 with the standard rate and only €266 with WeShare+. What if you'd like to stay a little longer? No problem. All you need to do is pay an additional daily rate (or several if it turns out to be a real dream holiday). At no point do you need to book in advance, simply keep hold of the car.

If we extrapolate the daily prices, it looks like this: An ID.3 costs €631 for 10 days and includes 1,000 kilometres (€531 and 1,500 kilometres with WeShare+). We’ve made a handy table for those who'd rather not to do all the calculations:

Charging the car remains free of charge, even for multi-day trips. So you don’t need to worry about the unpleasant fuel prices at all. When compared with the traditional rental model, you often pay less to hit the road with WeShare because charging costs are always included in the total price. You don't have to worry about draining your wallet at the petrol station with us. You simply pay for the days that you use. Hidden costs? Not with us, unless you treat yourself to a lot of snacks while charging up.

Electric travel: Charging up during multi-day trips

If you need to charge while on the go, you can find suitable charging stations across Germany either by using the WeShare app or the "Plugsurfing" app (activate filter Type 2 and CCS). Before you start your trip, it's best to take a look to see where charging points are along your route. Then you can simply set off with peace of mind. 

A little secret tip: Don't run the battery empty, but don't visit the charging point too early either. The speed of the charge depends on the remaining charge left in the car. Around 60–70 kilometres is ideal – low enough for fast charging but not so low as to make you nervous. Never been to a charging station? Take a look at the FAQ or watch our charging tutorial here. This will show you all you need to know. Have a good trip!




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