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May 2022

The Multi-day Holiday Special is back!

Finally! Festivals, beaches, beergardens, pedalos, tan lines. All the good stuff we’ve missed during the cold months is coming back. If you’re like us, you’re standing impatiently at the starting blocks wearing shorts and a Beach Boys t-shirt. And no surprise, the last two years haven’t exactly been a picnic.

We know that many of you love to drive electric into the holidays or long weekends. So we’ve brought back our Multi-day Holiday Special. Soon, you can take an ID for up to 10 days with some very special prices. You start saving from day 3. This offer is valid for all trips that start between 25.05-07.06.22.

More savings, more sustainable

Plus of course with rising rental car and petrol costs, you save a lot more. With us, you charge your car for free using the charging card in the glove compartment. As always, you can find the ID everywhere in our operating areas in Berlin and Hamburg and can bring it back there when you’re done. And, we don’t think we need to tell seasoned WeSharers this, but with us your trip is free of emissions (and guilt).

Here's how prices work out:

To take an example, if you use WeShare+ and travel over Himmelfahrt (Ascension Day, 26.05), you pay just €190 for 4 days, with 600 km included. And if you fancy a longer spring break, drive an ID.3 with WeShare+ for just €445 for 10 days, with 1,500 km included.

Pssst, a little tip: now might be a good time to use your free WeShare+ trial month. Activate it easily in the app and cancel any time.


Info before you go

First long trip in an electric car? No worries. It’s easy and you’ll soon get into a ‘charging routine’. See our 5 tips for long trips before you head off.  

Complete electro newbie? Check out our FAQs for the basics of driving an electric car. Hint: it’s pretty much the same as driving a petrol car, just super quiet and smooth.

And because it’s important, here are some things you should know before you head off:

  • Our cars need to stay in Germany
  • You need at least 3G connection to open/close the car
  • Charge the car regularly so you don’t end up stranded with an empty battery (see FAQs for more)
  • All charging stations in the WeShare app are free (use the charging card in the glove compartment)
  • The ID.4 is in Berlin only (for now)
  • You don’t need to book anything or pay up front – the cost is automatically calculated during your trip

That should cover it. Now just go enjoy your long break! Where are you thinking? City or beach, mountain or festival (or festival up the mountains)? Let us know on Instagram. We look forward to hearing your travel stories. We won’t be jealous. Really.




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