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May 2022

Sustainable, but make it fashion

It’s said there are people who only buy clothes reluctantly: every few years if something’s too small or worn. Let’s be honest: none of us belong to this group. But constant shopping splurges aren’t great either. So much clothing ends up in landfill, much of it unworn. There must be a better way? Now there is! Meet our partner, UNOWN.

If you like wearing the latest styles, but don’t want to burden the environment, fashion leasing with UNOWN is for you. You can effortlessly lease clothes and accessories from premium fashion brands instead of buying them: CLOSED, Samsøe & Samsøe, Ganni, Lanius and many more.

We think it’s a brilliant idea, so have teamed up with UNOWN to bring you a special offer: get 17% off your first month of membership with the code WESHARE17. So now you can try it out and see if this model works for you (we’re already fans) for cheaper. 

About our partner, UNOWN

Sustainability meets fun fashion: that’s UNOWN. Want to dress up in all the latest clothes? But without feeling silly. Lease your favourite pieces, wear them as long as you like, then return them. UNOWN will then professionally clean the piece, repair it if necessary and off it goes to the next wardrobe. This way, you get brand new styles again and again, while saving the environment. The longer an item of clothing remains in the cycle – so its life cycle – the more sustainable it becomes. That’s why the range is designed to be high quality and durable, and you’ll find many fair fashion and premium brands.




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