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Jul 2022

Summer Lakes and Beyond – Hamburg

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There’s not much to complain about during the summer, is there? Okay, fine - there’s the heat - and it can get hot in the city. It’s great that our IDs can always bring you into nature, to surrounding forests, lakes, beer gardens, and your secret swimming spot. These summer specials are tempting, just like another scoop of ice cream. If you visit one of these WeShare locations, you’ll have a good time, and save €7. The discount is automatic and easy:

  • Choose a destination from our locations
  • Select one of our new hour or day packages
  • Drive there, park in the designated areas, and activate stopover
  • 60 minutes up? Collect a 7€ Bonus!
  • We’ll deduct the discount immediate from your bill, so your existing credit remains unaffected
  • Receive bonuses Monday to Friday  
  • The offer is valid until 15.09.2022 and can be used once a day

Of course, you can try out several locations and collect the bonus everywhere. You can also always visit your favourite spot and save €7 each time. Most importantly, we want you to have a great summer and a fantastic trip. Enjoy!  

Stopover tips (FAQ format)

Getting away from it all can also include losing mobile signal. This is mostly a good thing, but you do need it to lock and unlock the car. What to do?
- Before you park, have you checked your mobile signal? You need at least 3G to lock and unlock the car.
- Car won’t lock or unlock straight away? Wait a moment and try again.
- Still won’t work? It can help to walk a few metres around the car and try again.
- App can’t find you? Turn on your WiFi so we can locate you better.
- Got reception, but car not responding? It could be that the car doesn’t have enough reception. It can help to move the car a few metres.
- Not sure if phone and car are connected? Tap the car lights icon in the app. If the lights flash, you’re connected.

Lütauer See

If you want to go for a refreshing dip in Mölln, we recommend heading to Lütauer See. Once you have parked your car, you are only 20 minutes from the public bathing spot at Rolandseck. Walk or cycle through deciduous forests until you reach the beach with the sunbathing lawn Children love splashing in these waters because this entry point is relatively shallow. The surrounding area also lends itself to longer hikes — moors and forests dominate the landscape; little bays pop up along the shoreline en route. A campsite with a private beach is located on the lake's southern shore for anyone who wants to enjoy an extended stay. Park here.

Photo credits: Take me to the Lakes

Dove Elbe

Back in the day, farmers used Dove-Elbe — a tributary of the main river — for transport. Today, this 18-kilometre-long waterway that winds through Vierlande is particularly frequented by sunbathers and paddlers. Dove-Elbe widens into a lake-like extension that has become a popular bathing destination in Die Reit Nature Reserve. This section attracts visitors with its sandy shores and regatta course complete with pontoons. A narrow strip of land separates the banks of Elbe River from the neighbouring lake, Eichbaumsee. Bathing is prohibited, but you can enjoy views of the island from the lake's western shore and, with a bit of luck, have a small bay entirely to yourself on its eastern shore. Park here.

Photo credits: Take me to the Lakes

Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park

Magical moors, lake shores with sandy beaches, wild streams... There's something new around every bend in the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park. Hiking tours from 2.5km to 15km lead you through the hilly ice-age landscape. Our tip: at the end of the day, stop by the next village café and relax your tired legs with a Kaffee und Kuchen. Park here.

Photo credits: Uniq Trek

Bredenbeker Teiche

Bredenbeker Teiche is located just beyond Hamburg's city limits. As the story goes, these waters inspired author Waldemar Bonsels to write the classic children's book Maya the Bee in 1912. Today, this natural lake features two designated bathing spots. The Waldbad charges a small entrance fee, but we guarantee it's worth it —shaded by majestic oaks, the hustle and bustle of the big city is left behind in no time. Those seeking solitude find a quiet corner in one of the little, reed-lined bays, families with young children liven up the long, sandy beach. If you want to pitch your tent here for the weekend, the beach at the nearby campsite is the place to be. Park here.

Photo credits: Take me to the Lakes

28°GRAD Strandbad Wedel

You don’t have to waste time wishing you were in the Caribbean when you can find  beautiful beaches on the Elbe. The beach club 28GRAD is tucked away in a beautiful bay that will make you forget the South Seas in no time. Just sit in a deck chair by the water, get a cold drink and let the sun warm your skin. Park here.


Cosy with idyllic surroundings, the Hummelsee has a beautiful little walkway around the lake (doable with the kids), lots of nature, and some landfills. It’s no joke - a 79 m hill made from former trash now provides a stunning view over Hamburg. Nothing here is rubbish, but you’re not officially allowed to go swimming here.  Park here.

Photo credits: Mary Ray


A relic of the last Ice Age, the beautiful and atmospheric Pinnsee is located in the middle of a forest. It takes about 10 min to walk from the car park to the swimming area on the east shore. Once you’re there, you’ll find clear and refreshing water waiting. Don’t be surprised if you feel some magic in the water - it’s just part of what makes this place so unique. Park here.

Photo credits: Volker Merl

Hohendeicher See

Located behind the Elbe Dyke, the Hohendeicher See(or the High Dyke Lake) was excavated in 1966 from a quarry. There are sandy beaches and sunbathing lawns on both the west and south shores. Local surfers frequent the more popular west side. If you don’t feel like driving home in the evening, there’s a camping site on the lake. Park here.

Photo credits: Wusel007

Mölln Wildlife Park

22 Hektar für rund 30 heimische Tierarten: Im Wildpark Mölln bekommen Tiere und ihre Besucher*innen eine Menge Auslauf. Erforscht die die wilde Vegetation Schleswig-Holsteins und kommt dabei der Vielfalt von Flora und Fauna auf die Spur. Für kleine Gäste gibt es zwei Spielplätze im Wildpark, und wer partout kein Picknick mitbringen will, kann sich vor Ort mit Snacks verpflegen. Hier musst du parken.

Photo credits: Drei Kubik

Eekholt Wildlife Park

Those who experience nature up close will treat it carefully” – this is the ethos of the Eekholt Wildlife Park. Since 1970, children and adults have been able to visit native wildlife in its natural habitat. This place is run with passion, and the interactions between animals and humans created here will not soon be forgotten. Park here.  

Schwarze Berge Wildlife Park

The 50 ha game park is known for its mountains, valley, and idyllic water. Over 1,000 wild animals are kept here in the spirit of animal welfare. If you want to observe native animals in a species-appropriate habitat, this wildlife park offers endless opportunities to experience nature up close. Park here.

Photo credits: Harry Dona


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