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Jul 2022

Summer Lakes and Beyond – Berlin

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There’s not much to complain about during the summer, is there? Okay, fine - there’s the heat - and it can get hot in the city. It’s great that our IDs can always bring you into nature, to surrounding forests, lakes, beer gardens, and your secret swimming spot. These summer specials are tempting, just like another scoop of ice cream. If you visit one of these WeShare locations, you’ll have a good time, and save €7. The discount is automatic and easy:  

  • Choose a destination from our locations
  • Select one of our new hour or day packages
  • Drive there, park in the designated areas, and activate stopover
  • 60 minutes up? Collect a 7€ Bonus!
  • We’ll deduct the discount immediate from your bill, so your existing credit remains unaffected
  • Receive bonuses Monday to Friday  
  • The offer is valid until 15.09.2022 and can be used once a day

Of course, you can try out several locations and collect the bonus everywhere. You can also always visit your favourite spot and save €7 each time. Most importantly, we want you to have a great summer and a fantastic trip. Enjoy!  

Stopover tips (FAQ format)

Getting away from it all can also include losing mobile signal. This is mostly a good thing, but you do need it to lock and unlock the car. What to do?
- Before you park, have you checked your mobile signal? You need at least 3G to lock and unlock the car.
- Car won’t lock or unlock straight away? Wait a moment and try again.
- Still won’t work? It can help to walk a few metres around the car and try again.
- App can’t find you? Turn on your WiFi so we can locate you better.  
- Got reception, but car not responding? It could be that the car doesn’t have enough reception. It can help to move the car a few metres.
- Not sure if phone and car are connected? Tap the car lights icon in the app. If the lights flash, you’re connected.


You reach the water at Gamensee via the camping site on the northern edge. Entrance is not always free, but it’s a good investment nonetheless, since a lovely little sand beach and a swimming deck await you here. Bonus tip for people who can’t stand still: the circular trail around the lake. Park here.

Photo credits: Take me to the Lakes


45 minutes is all it takes to reach Gorinsee, which is located north of Berlin and has a maximum depth of 2 meters. The tall trees there provide shade on hot days. The water can be murky at times, but don’t let that put you off: this lake’s water quality is excellent. Park here.

Photo credits: Take me to the Lakes


Bernsteinsee is around one hour north of Berlin. You can swim at the beach, play volleyball, or even go diving. Alternatively you can lay back and relax in the sun at one of the two charming bathing areas. Kiessee Marienwerder is located just across the street. Its west side is home to a camp for wakeboarders and water skiers. If you prefer swimming or sunbathing, the east side of the lake offers a large and relaxing sand beach. To visit both of these lakes during a stopover please use the parking lot close to the public beach indicated here. Park here.

Photo credits: Take me to the Lakes


You don’t even have to leave the city to get to Heiligensee: the beautiful beach with the well-kept grass area is in the Reinickendorf district, directly at Tegeler Forst. If swimming makes you hungry you’ll find delicious snacks at the restaurant. Park here.

Photo credits: Alana Harris


The spacious sandy beach and big shady pines to cool you down on the hottest days - the crystal-clear water makes it easy to see why the small Tonsee is a favourite. Parents are happy about the shallow water access, and those who desire more peace will find hidden nooks around the lake. Extra points: chips and ice cream at the kiosk. Park here.

Photo credits: Michael Heise


Are you dreaming of a Caribbean only 50 km from Berlin? Then visit the Schermützelsee, known for its turquoise blue water. Of course, the best place to swim, eat, drink, and relax is Strandbad Buckow. Plus, walks around the lake are perfect for a bit of exercise. Park here.

Photo credits: Steffen Lehmann



Sometimes you just need to do nothing and stare into the distance. That’s perfectly fine along the fine-sanded northern beach of Werlsee. We’ve tried a few times, and it was a great gaze, but there’s also a climbing park and a local beach bar with ice cream. If you’re more adventurous, try swimming to the island. Then, swim back, or we’ll eat your ice cream. Park here.

Photo credits: Touristenformation Grünheide

Seebad Caputh

White sandy beach, large palm trees and a fantastic view over the water, this can’t be Brandenburg? But it is. This is for you if you’re craving the South Seas but only have a Saturday afternoon free. Relax by the water, sip a mojito, swim or do water sports, it’s all possible here in this Schwielowsee resort. On offer are a restaurant, café, cocktail bar, boat and SUP rental, surf school and yoga. Park here.

Photo credits: Reiseland Brandenburg

James Biergarten

Tuck into premium BBQ cuisine in the middle of nature. James is a Swedish-style red hut on an expanse of grass, offering guests peace, nature, freedom to roam – as well as a life-affirming sunset. The Berlin border may only be a few meters away, but you’d hardly know it, because you’ll feel like you’re far, far away. Families and dogs are welcome, and you can even bring your own picnic. Park here.

Photo credits: Alaksiej Čarankievič

Spargelhof Klaistow

There’s always something in store for the whole family at the Buschmann & Winkelmann farm. Their in-house production facility offers (locally sourced in the Beelitz area) asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins, free-range eggs, and even free-range geese during Christmas. You can enjoy delicious feasts in their farm and barn restaurants as well as in the bakery. On top of all that, their farm store offers everything fresh from the field—or processed goods, such as homemade jams, juices not from concentrate, wines, and liqueurs. Kids will love the large playground with a giant slide and giant bouncy mountain, the petting goats, and jeep safari. And there’s plenty to discover in the cornfield labyrinth, climbing forest, hiking trails, or the natural game preserve. Park here.

Photo credits: Spargelhof Klaistow

Beelitzer treetop path

You’ll probably know it from countless photographs of abandoned hospital rooms. At the 100-year-old Beelitz sanitarium, you can walk along a spectacular treetop path and gaze down on the place in which Berlin workers once recovered from TB – and get closer on a guided tour of the buildings. From the 40m observation tower, you can even see as far as Berlin. (For kids, a fun ‘Barefoot Path’ is next door.) Park here.

Tier-Freizeit und Saurierpark Germendorf

Happy kids, relaxed parents - that’s a worthwhile family experience. It’s a good thing that Germendorf Park has something to offer for everyone, especially curious kids: 650 animals, 86 prehistoric models, 13 playgrounds, and even more to explore. You’ll also find several snack bars in the park - get some sweets for yourself and avoid dealing with hangry kids.  Park here.

Photo credits: Scott Greer


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