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Jun 2022

Sashimi to Stulle

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Sometimes it just has to be a lake, beach or beautiful forest – but also sometimes not. After all, we live in the city for good reasons, and access to incredible food is one of them. There’s nowhere else you can find so many amazing eateries in such a small space. And if you don’t want to drive too far, but want to hop easily from breakfast to lunch to ice-cream, you’re in the right place (we also love discovering new things in our city and sharing them with you).

Sweet or savoury? Down-to-earth or off-the-beaten-track? Take your pick at these three great foodie destinations. If you’re super hungry, you could combine all of them in one Pacman-style trip. We reckon it won’t just be the ID rolling home. Guten Appetit!

Klippkroog Altona

Like feeling the morning sun on your face as you enjoy a lazy breakfast? Then sit down at Klippkroog’s large wooden tables and await your 'petit dejeuner'. This vegan breakfast is delicious and rich, with marinated tofu, homemade pestos, vegetables, thyme butter and more. Don't feel like getting up again? It's not just you, this Altona staple is popular with many regulars who also spend hours chatting, nibbling and sipping on weekend mornings.

Izakaya by Dokuwa

Welcome to your Japanese local Kneipe. Izakaya by Dokuwa offers delicious Japanese food (really, it’s so good!) in a friendly, no-fuss atmosphere. Eat and drink together, get lost in conversation and enjoy one delicious dish after another. From karaage to sashimi to sake – you need to try everything. The team is friendly, the kitchen is quick and did we already say that the food is insanely good? It is.

Rainer Schneider

With Hanseatic and international delicacies that taste both down-to-earth and sophisticated, Rainer Schneider manages to be laid-back and exciting at the same time. We think that’s an irresistible combination for dinner. The varied cuisine is complemented by attentive, friendly service, decent drinks and a comfortable dining area. It doesn't get any better in Eimsbüttel.


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