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Oct 2022

Myth or matter of fact?

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It’s an urban legend: a young group drives an e-car to the lake, only to get stranded somewhere with an empty battery, and scary stuff starts happening. Haven’t you heard of it? Probably not – because it rarely occurs and never will if you read this Mythbusters story to the end.  

Whether or not you’ve experienced driving e-cars, you’ve heard the myriad myths surrounding them. For example, some drivers don’t care to explore beyond city limits (fears of battery range failure), others might not get in (too complicated to explain), or they give every charging station too much berth (also problematic). So we’ve asked WeShare Mythbusters to put an end to these myths.  


Myth 1: "You can't drive further than 50 km!"  

This one is easy because, yes, you can! Our ID.3 has a range of up to 425 km, making those longer trips no problem. In Berlin, we offer the e-SUV ID.4, which can travel up to 520 km on only electric power. So we’d say this myth is debunked! If you want to travel longer distances, here are some helpful tips. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. Anyone there won’t be able to catch you with an ID anyway.  


Myth 2: "E-cars are super complicated!"

If you can drive a regular car, you can drive an e-car. The only difference is no exhaust fumes. Automatic shifting makes driving easier and less complicated, and the console systems are intuitive. But, the driving experience is unparalleled: gliding over the road to smooth, quick accelerations in rush hour traffic, all backed by a silent engine. Only e-cars can do that, and for those that want to know more, here’s our guide, “Electric for Beginners.”


Myth 3: "Charging is inconvenient, expensive, and it takes forever!"

That might have been true in the past, but in modern Germany, the infrastructure is top-notch. You’ll find all the free charging stations in our WeShare app – electricity is included in the price. A complete charge at a fast charing station takes just 45 minutes when you're in a hurry. Easy to operate, every charging stations requires just a few steps.  


Here’s a guide to connecting an ID to a charging station:


We’re claiming a lot and aren’t strictly impartial. Discover more stories from WeShare users who’ve shared their WeShare Mythbusters experience on Instagram. Is it a myth, or is it a matter of fact? Take a look, drive, and tell us about your e-car experience.  

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