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Jul 2022

Getting to the Airport for Under €25

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Would you rather bask in the sun in Sardinia or gaze at alpacas in the Andes? Travelling outside of Germany is getting more popular again and although we’d love to go on more road trips, driving to Bali or San Diego isn’t possible. So, we’ve made our ID part of the plan - by taking a joyride to the airport. First, we’ll explain why the ID is the most comfortable, easy, affordable, and environmentally friendly way to save on your trips, from start to finish. 

You don’t have to do much. There’s no special booking, nothing, nichts. So, get ready, go for a ride, and save. We’ve already done the math:  


95% of all journeys to BER cost less than €24 - including airport tax - making us usually cheaper than other car sharing providers. 

On average, a trip to the BER airport with WeShare costs around €18.


Trips to HAM are usually less than  €19 and on average €15. 

It’s also super easy - just find and reserve a car near you, throw your suitcase in and go! There are designated WeShare parking spaces at each terminal where you can leave your ID. Lugging your bag long distances can be a thing of the past as you start your holiday sweat and stress-free. 

Simply find our parking lots for BER and HAM in Google Maps. Then, use “WeShare Carsharing BER” or “WeShare Carsharing HAM” to get set. Finding your way home is simple - select your car at the airport, unlock it, and take your ID for a comfy ride back home. 

If you’re wondering how much it costs to drive to and from your flat, we have numbers to help you estimate. Here are a few examples that include all fees and the €1 unlock fee. 


Neukölln Reuterplatz to BER: from €16 

Mitte Rosenthaler Platz to BER: from €20

Pankow Bürgerpark to BER: from €21 

Steglitz Schloßstraße to BER: from €16  

Charlottenburg Savignyplatz to BER: from €17 


Altonaer Balkon to HAM: from €16

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof to HAM: from €15

Blankenese Hessepark to HAM: from €18

Wandsbek Eichtalpark to HAM: from €14

Instead of frantically rushing out because the taxi is already waiting, with WeShare, you can leave when you’re ready to go. Then, on the way home, a stress-free and spacious ID always awaits you in the parking lot. Besides, you’ll get a cheaper ride than other providers saving you time and money - plus, skip the long wait in dreaded taxi lines. A bonus is driving with zero emissions. 

Enjoy your next holiday wherever you go - and those yummy mini-pretzels in the sky!


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