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May 2022

Get your work-fun balance with WeWork

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Maybe you work as a freelancer. Maybe you’re studying at home and just can’t see your kitchen table anymore. Maybe you’ve founded a company, but don’t have an office for your team yet. With WeWork, you’ll find the workspace you need, quickly and easily – across Germany, with no monthly contract. We think it’s pretty practical and makes a lot of sense (not surprising, considering we’re as big a fan of the sharing economy as our partner WeWork). 

You only pay for as much WeWork as you use, and you don’t just get space, but room to grow. If you want to try it out, we have an offer for you up our sleeve (of course we do): 50% off your first booking with the code WESHARE50 (valid until 31 May, 2022). Just enter it in the WeWork app when you book your workspace for the day, or conference room by the hour. Have a good day at work!

About our partner, WeWork

WeWork was founded in 2010, and was always more than just a coworking space. It’s not just about having a desk with a printer, but more creating an office environment that helps you work more productively and happily. From a startup to a global player: everyone can find the work space that suits them. And when you decide to pivot? The workspace pivots with you.




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