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May 2022

Consume more responsibly and get 5% off WeShare

Granted, our consumer behaviour won’t solve all the world’s problems. But when we do consume, we can choose to use companies that manufacture and operate sustainably. This is where our partner, Plan3t, comes in. Link your bank account to the Plan3t app (it’s easy and secure), and you’ll automatically get ‘Plan3t Coins’ for every purchase you make with one of over 60 sustainable partner brands. Each Coin equals 1 cent and you can use them to buy things, get discounts or donate them to sustainable projects. 

Drive an ID and get rewarded? Sure!

We’re proud to have been accepted as a Plan3t partner – since all companies that join the scheme need to go through rigorous checks. From now on, with every trip you make with WeShare you get 5% cashback in the form of Plan3t coins (so for every trip of €10, you get 50 Coins back). You can then use these to buy more WeShare credit:

💸 €3 driving credit for 300 Plan3t Coins

💸 €10 driving credit for 1,000 Plan3t Coins

And a super special offer for new WeShare customers:

💸 €20 driving credit for just 20 Plan3t Coins

If you drive regularly with WeShare, you can collect a lot of Coins. But it’s also worth it if you only drive every so often, because you can pick up rewards with other sustainable brands at Plan3t. And you don’t have to commit to anything: you spend your Coins when and how you like. 

Want to check out Plan3t? Download the app here. Or find out more first

About our partner, Plan3t

According to surveys, most consumers today are willing to buy sustainable products. Unfortunately though, the will doesn’t always translate into actually doing it. Plan3t wants to give us the final push to make sustainability part of our everyday shopping routines. The Plan3t app makes green consumption easy and attractive: just connect your bank details and shop sustainably with partner brands. And of course, you get Plan3t Coins each time. Stick with it and you not only support environmentally friendly companies, but also save money. time and time again. Win win, we’d say!




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