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Sep 2022

City life? WeShare!

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Although we usually talk about us (and you) here, today is exceptional since we’ve just launched a new WeShare campaign. We like it a lot, and we’re sure you’ll too.

© Fotografin Anikka Bauer / Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg

Our message is simple: WeShare is “here for you” when you need it. From raining cats and dogs to too many shopping bags or a last-minute city escape. From tired feet to replacement transfers after a long hard day. A quick weekend away and a stress-free trip back from the airport. 

We make things easier in many situations because we’re the most convenient, uncomplicated, and climate-friendly car sharing app. More people should know, so we’ll appear and pop up around your city. Spot us in your area starting in September. 

What’s in it for you?

We’ve devised a more intimate campaign, so we can get to know you in person:

Berlin: 17.09. and 24.09.2022 at Kollwitzmarkt - for every new registration, you’ll get €20 credit to start and a delicious donut from Brammibal’s Donuts. (But don’t worry, we’re ready to share with all WeShare fans.)

Our WeShare teams will pop up at BER and HAM airports from 9-11 September at BER and 16-18 at HAM. Stop by for goodies like zip bags and plenty of credits. If you sign-up at these pop-ups, you’ll also drive off with a €20 starting credit!

Is this campaign an absolute must?

In short: an absolute yes. Our dynamic duo known as Max and Moritz (yes, these are their real names) will share the reasons why. One guy is a designer, and the other leads our marketing and communications. Here’s what they have to say:

So tell us M&M, what is the not-so-secret meaning behind the campaign?

Moritz: Similar to M&Ms it’s simple and sweet. We want everyone to know that “we are here for you.” It’s simple because it’s uncomplicated - and its sweet because we are convenient, affordable, and sustainable. We want city dwellers to have access to low-emission shared mobility, especially for when they sometimes need a car. There is enough complexity in life and we’re addressing their basic needs. It’s about making the everyday lives a little easier, a little more comfortable, while still staying emission-free.

What’s the one takeaway you want people to have?

Max: It should be immediately clear: WeShare is shared electric mobility that takes the grey away from cities and makes them more colourful and diverse. It’s about increasing accessibility and opportunities for those without their own car, so they can be more flexible with their everyday plans - and feel more independent. Simple things such as going to the airport with lots of luggage or reducing noise pollution from the urban soundscape. These are green steps for a better quality of life and planet.

Max, can you tell us more about your use of colour?

Max: This campaign has a very direct approach, so the visual language focuses on large sans-serif typography and simple, yet formal language. The WeShare arrows are intended as a guide (going mostly forward) and the abstract landscapes in the background combined with colourful spaces create an imaginary destination - they serve an inspiration for your next trip.

Bright colours are an important and positive aspect of the WeShare brand design. Being bold helps us stand out, like a waypoint, from the grey mass of everyday life.

Can you describe a situation where you were extremely - maybe too relieved - that an ID was just around the corner?

Moritz: It was a cold Sunday morning in the late autumn, but the sun was finally out. I desperately wanted to get out of the city. I looked up and 200m away there was an ID.3. I reserved it immediately and soon I was enjoying the sun in the countryside. It was one of the best spontaneous moments that fall.

Max: Have you ever tried balancing a self-made birthday cake while commuting through the city? There was a close, “oh dear,” but fortunately with WeShare I got there quite easily and the cake delivery to the birthday boy was a success. Plus, I even kept the car clean. :-)

We’re all excited for the new campaign designs to reach the streets and can’t wait to read your reactions and feedback on Instagram. We love hearing about your experiences with WeShare and we’re curious to hear your reasons to get in and go.

And pssst: have you listened to our podcast, “Stadt in Bewegung”? If you haven’t already, check it out on Spotify. You can even hear it on your next drive.

See you behind the wheel!




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