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Jun 2022

Cities on the Move

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We can't say for sure what the city of the future will look like (we haven’t found an electric crystal ball yet), but we definitely have our wishes: it should be quieter, cleaner, and offer more space for its inhabitants. It should also be greener and more diverse. 

That won't happen by itself, of course. If we want better cities, we need many good ideas from many different areas. For us, not surprisingly, shared electromobility is one route to a greener city. But we also want to know: what do other minds think on the subject? Who can we learn from, improve on, take inspiration from?

That's why we've come up with new podcast series called ‘City on the Move’, in which our host and journalist Anna Schunck talks with smart people from the worlds of art, culture and research. How much radicalism can the street take? Why is the city an hour big? And what does a mobile utopia actually look like?

In the first episode, we talk to Prof Dr Andreas Knie from the Social Science Research Centre Berlin about noise as a stress factor for humans, the burden of the metropolis and new ideas for cleaner, quieter cities. Prof Knie has headed the research group Digital Mobility and Social Differentiation since 2020. The reorganization of urban space is one of his main fields of research.

You can find ‘Cities on the Move’ on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Enjoy!


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