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Jun 2022

Bring your appetite!

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Sometimes it just has to be a lake, beach or beautiful forest – but also sometimes not. After all, we live in the city for good reasons, and access to incredible food is one of them. There’s nowhere else you can find so many amazing eateries in such a small space. And if you don’t want to drive too far, but want to hop easily from breakfast to lunch to ice-cream, you’re in the right place (we also love discovering new things in our city and sharing them with you).

Sweet or savoury? Down-to-earth or off-the-beaten-track? Take your pick at these three great foodie destinations. If you’re super hungry, you could combine all of them in one Pacman-style trip. We reckon it won’t just be the ID rolling home. Guten Appetit!


If you want a guaranteed good start to the day, best to breakfast at Annelies. This cosy café beside Görlitzer Park serves up everything you could possibly want, from buttermilk pancakes to amaranth granola. And of course there’s also cake. And great coffee. And a large terrace facing the park. It may happen that you don’t want to leave – which we would understand. In those cases, Annelies also serves lunch and selected wine and drinks so you can just sit a while and watch as the world does its thing.

DUO Sicilian Ice Cream

Berlin and ice-cream: a love-love relationship that some other German cities view with amusement. But hey, it has to be said, the Eis is super nice here in the Hauptstadt. Most Berliners worth their Streusel have their favourite ‘Dieler’. Ours is DUO. Its classic Sicilian gelato is just so good. It imports pistachios and hazelnut cream straight from Italy, while most other ingredients are locally sourced. You can also try creative inventions like ice-cream burgers topped with brioche buns and melt-in-the-mouth almond granita. We’d like to share our favourite flavour with you, but we can’t – they’re all so good that our team couldn’t agree (just between us, though: Etna is the best ice-cream in the world). This Sicilian heaven is very close to Annelies and is the perfect place for a post-brunch palate cleanser. Just saying.

Heno Heno

Simple food, incredibly tasty: this small Japanese restaurant in Charlottenburg's Wielandstraße may look unspectacular, but it's one of our all-time Berlin favorites. Traditional, high-quality dishes, friendly service and an all-round unpretentious vibe fuse to bring you excellent food in a relaxed atmosphere. All noodles and sauces are homemade, but that won't surprise you once you take your first bite of don or curry – you’ll just know.


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