WeShare Team


Aug 2022

9 Cent Thursday is coming!

We were huge fans of the 9-Euro-Ticket because, really, public transport should be your first choice for most trips. But sometimes it doesn’t work out to be convenient – and that’s where we get to drive it home. It’s true that electric car sharing is a very easy climate-friendly alternative.  

For all those mourning the loss of cheap mobility, we’ve got a special deal for you in September. On September 1st drive with us for only €0.09/min*!  

  • September 1st is WeShare’s 9 Cent Thursday
  • Pay €0.09/min per trip and stopover for 24 hours
  • Valid for all minute prices (packages stay the same)
  • Valid for ID.3 and ID.4 and for WeShare+

You don't have to do anything other than hop into an ID on 9 Cent Thursday. You’ll be cruising the city at unbeatable prices and emision-free.  Convenient, uncomplicated and comfortable – just more affordable than before.  


* B2B trips are not part of this offer




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